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August 26, 2009


Brent Hitchcock

I stumbled across you a few years ago and have been a longtime reader. I have been involved with Campus Outreach at Georgia Tech for about 4 years now. God has used CO to help reclaim me from the stereotypical college life/sins. I distinctly remember a few years ago Brian Riddle, former CO GT director, sitting down with a group of us and stressing the importance of being involved in a local church. He said that CO is only one part of the Church. He also did not insist that we attend his church (CO GT is primarily spread over 3 local churches), but that we simply plug in and give back outside of CO. I am grateful for guys like Brian Riddle, Steve McGuire, and David Melton, Craig Hensley, the list goes on. The same principles of (accountability, time in the word, gospel community etc) that they shared with me, are still true today as I am currently in Afghanistan.
On a side note, I heard about Fight Club through your blog, and Keith Watson’s blog (he is my parent’s pastor in Macon). Several guys brought the idea to our camp chaplain that we have men’s accountability groups, therefore we have recently launched Monday night “Fight Club”. Pray that God’s will be done through that.

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