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March 12, 2009


Frank McKinley

Would you say that when we try to fight lust we misinterpret the law as Eve did when she said to the serpent in response to his suggestion, "God says don't eat the fruit, don't even touch it." While I understand how we use the law to act like Pharisees and beat others over the head with it or act like pious people when we're empty within, the statement Mr. Wilson makes about using the law to create a list of taboos we trip over is a bit vague. Care to elaborate on how our fight evades our need to satisfy what our lust craves in Christ?

Will Henderson

Great discussion. My thoughts : It gets down to the fact that God has created us to only be fulflled by knowing and worshiping Jesus and craving His Gospel. It's when I forget the gospel : who I am in Christ and that He abundantly loves me, has purchased me 'at a price', I am His and He now lives in me... when I forget to dwell in the truth of Jesus and His gospel THAT's when my sinful heart loves to deceive and lead me to return to life by the law not life by the Spirit. War begins. And it's not just a battle with lust. It is war with my personal security, identity and who I am and where I can find peace. That's why I need other men. Not to beat me and tie me up with the Law, but men to pray for me, to daily remind and encourage me in the Truth of Jesus my Lord and King and who I am/we are in Him. That's the sort of relationship that God tells us to have with the brothers. It is life giving and guards us as a family. Law giving alone kills. I hope that makes some sense. I find this in Hebrews 3:12-15.

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