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February 10, 2009


Stephen Dancer

Couldn't agree more Matt. In fact when I think of what glory will be like I often think it will be more like a football match than what we hear in church! (am I allowed to say that?!).

Incidentally, both Liverpool and Celtic have adopted the same song as their song (You'll Never Walk Alone) so whenever there is a european competition match between them, the pre-match is spine-tingling!

But glory will be infnitely better when the Lamb is at the centre.


all of the men singing in your videos are probably under the influence. I know I sing my loudest when I am under the influence and perhaps the church can key in on that. Either they need to serve much more wine at communion or they need to capture why we are inhibited to sign. and get better songs...

Matt Adair

I'm wondering if the primary impediment to singing in the church isn't due to a deficient message that has seemingly little bearing on a man's life outside of a worship gathering and/or brief moments of personal devotion.


Interesting, I think that in all of the examples above there is probably a transcendent connection with what is being sung about. Songs that tie us to something bigger than us. There is also something raw about all of the examples. Far too often in churches the singing is more polished than an American Idol Finale



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