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July 21, 2008


Mark M.

Here's the crazy thing for me (because I am the selfish lazy college student who does nothing to help any local church), I've heard similar things to this before and yet I still don't have a passion at all for the local church, and I know I'm wrong and I know its wrong, but I don't even want to change anything. I'm a very screwed up person.

I always love the preaching (whether its my dad or you) and yet it is a real burden to get myself to church on Sunday morning, and I'm not totally sure why...I think it's a number of reasons (I stay up way too late, I dread awkward conversations, I rarely ever get to have meaningful conversations with people at church about Jesus, and when I do they can feel forced and mechanical compared to when I'm with my best friends, I can enjoy Jesus, read my Bible, and listen to sermons by myself, etc. --yes, I know how absurd that all sounds, and I've heard Mark Dever explain for 10 hours why that's stupid--) but I don't know.......I don't have anything helpful to add really

I just don't look forward to church, it is almost always a burden to get there and I feel like I'm doing it out of obligation so people won't get mad at I said, I'm a very screwed up person and I know its not right, but I could probably write a small book right now on reasons I should go to church, and for some reason nothing seems to be helping.

My problem is desire. If I desired fellowship with believers more than late nights with friends and sleeping in, then guess what? I would be at church every Sunday.

Matt Adair

Mark - you're certainly not alone. This probably isn't the forum to talk about your situation but you know where to find me if you want to talk.

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