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June 28, 2008


Phillip B.


I read The Shack after a family member gave it to us last year, and I think your observations are right on. I've found that the book is alluring to people who have grown up in theologically deficient evangelical churches because it demonstrates three things that many churches ignore:
-God cares about and can work through imagination, creativity, and storytelling.
-Theological concepts (such as the Trinity) have a lot to do with how we think about God and live our lives.
-Christianity isn't simply about doing church activities and having all the right answers.

Of course, for anyone who has encountered good art, good theology, and a good church body, The Shack provides pitiful answers to each of those issues. To me, the book's popularity is evidence of just how much of churchgoing America has yet to encounter and savor the gospel.

Robin Sampson

YOu make a good point. That is certainly one reason.

People in our culture have a need to connect with God as a personal God beyond the holy and omnipotent. Our reverence and wonder about the presence of God make hard to grasp God in terms of intimate family relationships such as God as Papa (instead of an unseen force or an abstract will).

Young presents an easy to relate to version of the trinity of three persons with unique personalities spending a few days casual friendly folksy conversation and home cooked comfort meals. Easy enough for a child to understand, loving, warm and rich.
See my full review


Ohhhh, I loved Blue Like Jazz. I became the biggest independent promoter of it in the spring of 2004. And now when I talk about it to people, I pretty much say exactly what you said. Without a trace of condescension or in any derogatory way. Because that book helped cure some of my spiritual myopia. Or at least taught me to use normal language to talk about God. Good times, good memories. :-)

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