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June 30, 2008



I think another unintended consequence of that kind of parenting, is that in the good-hearted attempt to shield children from the messed up "folks" in the world and try to be "other" in our families we may actually communicate something detrimental to our kids: that they aren't actually as messed up as those "folks" out there in the world. I think growing up with that (likely subconscience) belief will undermine joy in Christ in the gospel, and destroy our ability to offer any grace to those around us who occasionally happen to behave like the messed up people they (we) really are.
P.s. great post

Matt Adair

Walter - I think it's safe to say that the suburbs are filled with people who are missionally and spiritually blind and flabby - primarily for reasons you bring up.


Great post, Matt. I agree with Walter. This discussion reminds me of the passage in Mark 7:1-23, when Jesus rebukes the Pharisees, reminding them that their sinful HEARTS are what make them "unclean." It's much easier to parent our children to keep a list of rules. It's difficult to raise children with a working knowledge of the Gospel. It's risky and scary to teach our children how to love sinners. Many parents resort to indoctrinating their children with the rules of religion instead of seeking to infuse their hearts with the truth of the Gospel. I struggle daily with this very issue.

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