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February 14, 2008


David Wilhite

Good thoughts Matt.


If your personal political philosophy boils down to something very similar to anarchism, can you still be a Christian? Is it a sin to write-in "yo' mamma" on presidential ballots?

Matt Adair

Yes, but only because you misspelled 'mama.'


Yes, interesting were similar ponderings by Mo Leverett (Rebirth International) last week. See article on The Incarnation of the Caring Class. (


mama, mamma and momma are all accepted spellings according to Merriam Webster.

By the way, I had essentially this same argument (proper role of religion and government) last month with a Buddhist friend who attends a Unitarian Universalist church. We reached a point where she was emailing me her daily devotionals from Buddha and I my final response was: "Yo' mamma."

My point of view is that "Yo' mamma" is the highest form of political debate.

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