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February 07, 2008



i agree wholeheartedly---by the way andrew's cd "Souvenirs & Postcards" is one of my all time favorites

Brian T. Murphy

I think most churches have to be a cover band, because most churches don't have songwriters in their congregation. being a cover band is okay. spending a lot of money on your cover band is worth questioning. and lying to people always seems like a bad idea.

Frank McKinley

If a mattress store were to do what these guys are doing to draw people, we'd call that "bait and switch".

Are we so ashamed of the Gospel that we have to put a mask over it to get people in the tent to listen to it?


I think it could have the effect of making church far more exciting if pastors did start disarming bombs during the sermon.

If the clock on the bomb is counting down, my guess is all the non-believers in the room would quickly become believers!

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