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February 10, 2008



oh my awesome...
do you think the King James could help me grow a beard?

Matt Adair

I'm not sure King Jesus could help you grow a beard...

mark mcandrew

hhahahah this can't actually be real

Jason G


This is so funny on so many levels and so sad on so many levels

Frank McKinley

I pee standing up and I even bring a book to do that...


Well, I guess my motto is no longer, "I'm a man! I'm 40!" but "I'm a man! I pee standing up!"


i wish my pastor would preach more truth like this MAN.

Matt Adair

What, masturbation isn't enough?



Matt Stover

Dude, I guess I'm gonna have to switch back to NAS. ESV doesn't even provide a FOOTNOTE for the actual translation! How am I supposed to learn about Biblical manhood without a translation that tells me what bein' a man's all about? I guess the ESV editors pee sitting down too...dusgusting...

Matt Stover

p.s. MEN who pee standing up sometimes misspell words like disgusting just to prove that they don't have to submit to social norms


From the record, the exact translation in this verse refers to:
1.) Shathan - from the Hebrew for "to urinate."
2.) Qir/Qirah - this clearly means "a wall" (as in a city wall)... but this particular usage has also been closely linked with a reference to cielings, as well.

So, given the slightly ambiguous nature of the translation, we should not yet rule out "he that pisseth on the cieling."

just sayin...

Jamie Peterson

What was this guy's Fallen Condition Focus (FCF)? That men are increasingly falling into the sin of peeing sitting down/our society is becoming more and more feminized?

Walt Woodard

Wow...leave for a few days and find the intelligentsia of Christ Community wading into the deep waters of theology. What has been left unsaid is which camp Matt Adair falls. It's an up or down vote...where do you sit or stand as the case may be?

Collin Woodard

Matt, I guess that men who pee standing up also intentionally misspell words like "ceiling" to show that they don't have to submit to social norms?

Alice Woodard

It's time for a woman to comment on this and you would know I'd be the one to do it! Well, here is what I think... we are in serious trouble is we judge a man's character by the manner in which he pees. Why do we need to know how he pees?

Matt Adair

What I love most about this clip is that the person who posted it on YouTube is the person who preached it...


My sons have all proven that the issue isn't standing or sitting ... standing is a given. The issue is whether you're peeing in the front yard. And my sons are all MEN (and they think it's funny).

Matt Adair

And what's great about Rob's guys peeing in the front yard is that their house is on a busy street.

Welcome to Watkinsville!

Mark Selvidge

Well Rob you should be careful about were your boys pee. We were some what liberal in that area since we lived in the country and one of ours had the urge as we were standing around talking after church one Sunday.

Cameron Woodard

so...what does the bible say about me having to put the seat down when a MAN is done peeing? because clearly God should have foreseen mothers being quite angered on that subject

Cameron Woodard

or what about peeing with the seat down?

joe may

is this thing for real or a fake? anyone know where this is supposed to be?

Matt Adair

It's funny - or tragic - that this post is what's brought some of you out of the woodwork to comment...

And this is legit. This is from Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, pastored by Steven L. Anderson, who as previously mentioned is actually the one who posted this and other fine video clips on YouTube.

Matt Adair

Cameron, it probably helps if you don't get it all over the seat. Better aim, smiling mama. Joe May tells me that's an ancient Chinese proverb.

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