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January 29, 2008



Matt, I saw it last week. I went by myself but as with all U2 events (I've seen them in concert three times now), the comaraderie among fans is tangible. All of us in the theater with our 3D glasses made for a memorable experience. There were so many noramlly hidden things which were exciting to see for the first time. Larry Mullen's glass of iced tea sitting beside him. Edge's setlist taped to the podium. Bono's gums (yes I'm a dorky periodontist). And I have to admit, there were a few times when I was literally reaching out in front of me, since after all, Bono looked to be only 1-2 feet away. Amazing technology. My highlight (surprising to some) was Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own. Great song.....I think it's the highlight of How To Dismantle....

Matt Adair

Having seen the Chicago DVD from the Vertigo tour far too many times, I knew what was coming musically in the set list so that freed me up to enjoy some of the other parts of the film.

One thing Aaron and I both noted is that U2 has such a hopeful intensity to their music - even the dark stuff like 'Bullet the Blue Sky' or 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' is angry because there seems to be hope that things can get better. The Edge's guitar playing just smoldered on film.

I have an even more surprising highlight (even to myself) - Bono's singing Italian in Miss Sarajevo. But 'Sometimes' was really good, too.


Matt, did you ever see the DVD for U2 Elevation Tour live from Slane Castle in Ireland? Probably my favorite U2 video.

Matt Adair

I have and I agree - although I really enjoyed the Popmart: Live from Mexico City DVD as well.

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