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January 20, 2008


Frank McKinley

You know I was thinking about what you were saying about guilt. Guilt is a powerful motivator. People in power use it over us. Satan uses it against us. It can turn an otherwise normal day into a visit to hell.

So it's important to remember the Gospel. We have the right to be wrong. Will every decision we make be the best one? No. Will we be able to always make the best choice even among several good ones? I'd say no to that one too!

Since we are imperfect people being made perfect yet not living up to our full potential, we will mess it up sometimes. We'll be ridden with guilt at times. Is it always bad? No, but it never feels good whether we are to blame or not. Jesus lived to do all the things we can't do well enough. He died so we wouldn't have to pay the ultimate price for all those bad choices.

Having faced some failure myself (like anyone who ever tried anything), it's comforting to know that God still loves me and isn't mad at me when I blow it. And when I fall, He'll help me up once more.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Cindy Selvidge

Sorry, couldn't read the email, my computer was iced over.

Liz May

Dear Matt,

As my son Pres often has to say to me, "Mom, chillax". And in answer to your query about us looking for an excuse to be lazy, not take God seriously,(or whatever), of course that is always in there, but who doesn't like a snow day?

I am glad we don't have to pretend we didn't enjoy it like Linda Richman (aka Mike Myers)in Coffee Talk who was supposed to be fasting on Yom Kippur but confessed that she ate a lifesaver because her breath smelled like Gdansk but how it was only for medical reasons, but didn't enjoy it because it was from the bottom of her pocketbook and was covered in schmutz.:)

Enjoy your snow day with your family, Liz


Hey Matt,

We had a great time of family worship that we never seem to have time for anymore so I would say the morning was definitely not wasted! :)


frank beedle

i really appreciate the decision that the leadership made on this one with the info that they had available to them. i know communication can be tough when making a change and they couldn't afford to wait any longer to make a call on it. i know sometimes i can get paralyzed by looking for deeper meaning behind something that happens when sometimes it "is what it is." thanks for thinking for everyone and we look forward to spending time within our community next week. thank you for shepherding us guys--i really value your hearts and efforts. keep up the good work.

Alice Woodard

Well, I'm in Milwaukee, Wi and yesterday the high was 2. Today when we were leaving for church at 9:00, it was -6... that is 6 below 0... Athens, while chilly was 30 degrees warmer. But I had to wonder who was crazier... you all for being warm and relaxed with family on a Sunday morning, perhaps catching up on much needed rest, or us shivering on our way to church in temperatures below 0 with a wind chill of -20! I only had to walk from the parking lot to the church, but the wind and cold bit at my cheeks as I did so. God met me and spoke in the middle of a very liberal church service and I am sure he met with all of you wherever you were. God is like that ~ Immanuel; God with us.


The kids and I were in Charlotte this weekend...a quick trip up for Caitlin to say "goodbye" to grandparents before leaving for Argentina, for Sallie to play with her cousin in the snow (that never stuck, except to the roof!) and for Sam and his Granddad to watch the Heels choke at home. We were planning to rush back last night after the game, so Caitlin could make it to church today. When she got the mail that church was canceled, we decided to stay the night...and it was such a nice evening with family. It was a much needed rest time for me...and the grandparents were so thankful to have that extra time with the kids. No guilt required from this end!

Matt Adair

Thanks to everyone who left comments here and via email. Sunday was a good day.

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