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January 23, 2008



I think the most important thing for me is that we need to live life together. I am convinced Men's ministries largely should be abolished and we should just hang out with dudes and talk about Jesus, how much we suck, and how awesome Georgia football is. We are creating really weird men's ministries because we as guys are afraid to hang out and love each other (in totally hetero ways like drinking beer and hurting each other). We as the church love one size fits all ministry and we have to start hanging out with each other and listening so we can encourage men in their gifts and not just towards being William Wallace.


(andy, i think those last two sentences are brilliant.)

The big issue is: what do godly men need to live life? how do we best give them that? Here's my thought:

Not every man wants to be like Rambo, nor should every man want to. Not every man is good at sharing, and not every man has to be. So a share club, or a beat each other up club, or even a simple Bible study, doesn't get to the core of what each guy needs.

I think we need to do life together while challenging each other to step up in various ways.

Here's a picture of the maybe what this would look like:
Every guy is being challenged to develop/pursue/put in to action his gifts for the sake of the kingdom.
-The 100 fold capable dude is being challenged to step up his current 60 fold performance.
-The 10 fold capable dude is being challenged to step up his current 9 fold performance.
-Both the 10 fold and the 100 fold guy are equally encouraging each other.
Every guy is being challenged to love his wife and his kids in a new and fresh way...a way that's unique and specifc to that man, his wife, and his kids.
Every guy is being challenged to pursue this God that pursues them.
Every guy is challenged to a kickball game weekly.

Matt Adair

This is one of the reasons we're using resources like Strengthsfinder 2.0 and connecting men's strengths to their particular callings and interests. Our hope is to connect men to what is universally true within masculinity and what is unique to them by God's design and intent.


Found your blog through The Gospel Man Initiative...Matt enjoyed your post "Hi, I'm a man. I Think." I share your weariness of "mens ministry." So what did you think about the Samson book that you are reading?

Matt Adair

Stephen - Better than most, particularly in its emphasis on helping men deal with the shame of their past that cripples pretty much all of us until the gospel lived out in community frees us to move towards authenticity.

Any concern I have with the book isn't as much an issue with the book but some ways I can imagine it being misapplied by some who read it.

Oh, and welcome to the blog.

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