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December 25, 2007



Most people aren't going to freely admit that they struggle with money. That's one of those secret things that we tend to keep to ourselves. And, to keep it a secret, a lot of people put a pretty face on it by running up more credit card debt: "See, I can still afford to get my daughter an iPhone for Christmas ..."

I like what Faith Church does with their annual financial seminar. I haven't attended it, but I've heard very good things about it from people who have.

To reach out to people, I think you've got to offer them an answer to the question about how to deal with debt. You could start preaching that if people go to church God will grant them favor in the form of unexpected checks, but I get the sense that the Joel Osteen approach isn't one of your favorites.

Maybe you open the doors of the church for a Saturday afternoon seminar on living debt free with the message that an 80 gig Zune that plays 5 million songs and the whole Season 3 of The Office isn't where you find happiness.

You've got the message: The things you put your faith in other than God will disappoint and ultimately destroy you. That speaks directly to the debt we can't afford issue.

Get Clark Howard to show up with suggestions for living debt free, and you've got a missional Saturday afternoon in the burbs.


I concur with rob.

People probably want help or advise with their debt, but they assume they'll have to pay for it or sign up for something wherever they turn. Which is true......unless a Church intervenes and offers this service for free.
I think people would definitely come if:
1)we had actual experts, not people with opinions
2)they don't get the "oh this will probably just be about tithing more since the church is in charge of this seminar" vibe
3)they are individually invited


i think the problem is far too many of us still have the "we need to get people to the church mentality" instead of being the church in our everyday situations...we must somehow teach and live a life that finds no break between the secular and the having said that---i'm not sure what to do next---i would love to get some guys together for a day and brainstorm some ideas on how to do this

Matt Adair

All three of you are brilliant - and Vic you know where to find me when you want to start brainstorming.

This is at the top of our list as a church for 2008...equipping and releasing people to create missional/attractional pathways that connect with some major struggles in our culture.

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