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December 03, 2007


Jason Robertson

Don't punk my coach. Do you really know him? Here is what is said of his coaching skills by people who really know him (and really know coaching):

"He has a father's heart, a pastoral heart. He looks at it and has real compassion. He is going to be the kind of guy that kids are going to trust." -- Bill McCartney, former COLORADO head coach

“He’s the best coach I’ve ever played for. He’s an excellent choice for LSU. He’s a great individual, both on and off the field. He’s great with the players, and away from the field he makes sure everything is done the correct way. I can’t say enough about the guy. He brought a lot of enthusiasm into the game, and he’s just a joy to be around. He made Oklahoma State a top 25 program and did a great job of recruiting while playing second fiddle to Oklahoma in that state. He did some outstanding things there, and I look for him to come here and carry on the success LSU has had the last few years." -- David LaFleur, former LSU and Dallas Cowboys Tight End

“On the football field, Les Miles is a proven winner who knows how to teach the game and produce results. He also has the unique qualities necessary to lead young men and make a difference in their lives. I believe, however, that Les’ greatest asset is his integrity and the very high level of character that he exudes naturally. Some people talk about sincerity and doing things the right way. Les Miles defines that standard on a daily basis.” -- Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys

“I always had a great deal of respect for Les when he was coaching here in Dallas. What he accomplished at Oklahoma State in the short time that he was in Stillwater speaks for itself. Not only is Les an outstanding football coach, he is also someone who will represent LSU with class and integrity. Knowing that the head coach often serves as the face of the university, I can’t imagine LSU having a better person to be in that role than Les Miles.” -- Troy Aikman, former Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys

Matt Adair

Jason, good to have you on here. I'm sure Les is a nice guy. So was Mike Shula. Neither are very good coaches in my opinion.

Jason Robertson

By the way upon coming to LSU (following Saban) Miles signed the #22 recruiting class that year with only 13 scholarships. In his first signing class he recruited QB Ryan Perrilloux. Have you heard of him. Does "2007 SEC Championship MVP" ring any bells? He also signed Brandon La Fell that year. Have you seen his stats this year? The next year he signed the #7 class, signing Keiland Williams and Charles Scott. These names are household names now for Speed and Power. And last year he signed the #3 class last year.

Well, I have defended my coach enough. And btw, I have loved watching your coach and the Dawgs enjoying a great football season. The dance in the end-zone was priceless! Don't you love this stuff!

Jamie Peterson

Thanks for you thoughts on the debacle we call the BCS. I think you have proven the point that too much of a love for tradition can really jack things up; just look at a vast majority of the churches in existence today.

I am sure Les Miles is a great guy, too. But I agree with you in that he is a terrible head coach. Chan Gailey, of who I think the world and to whom I would trust my very life is another case in point. He has a great offensive mind, is great with people, and is a tremendous teacher. But he is, at best, a mediocre head coach.

Matt Adair

Jason, I'm really going to disappoint you when you find out that I'm an Alabama fan. That being said, I think Richt is a good coach who's only going to get better now that he's given up playcalling on offense.

And you're kind of making my point for me about Lester. Outside of USC who has been decimated by injury, LSU is the most talented team in college football. They should be blowing people away but they're sloppy and seem to lack focus and a killer instinct. By all accounts, the team has great leaders in guys like Dorsey and Hester, so to me that comes back to coaching.

I'll give Miles this much, he's gutsy and he's had luck on his side this year.

Jason Robertson

ALABAMA! Who are you to talk bad about LSU coaches??? :)


Les Miles gets 70% out of his players and coaches. His games are wasteful and uninspiring to watch.

Matt Adair

Someone whose team actually has a competent head football coach...

vic doss

Dude you are getting lit up like the proverbial xmas tree--let me join in--- you said "I'd rather see Alabama beat him wearing Auburn colors than Arkansas gear every day of the week and twice on Sunday" only problem is it's just been sooooooo long since bama has beat him the memory must be faint---WAR EAGLE!


It seems you've set a personal best with comments- thought I'd add another. Big day- congrats.

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