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June 28, 2007



So you're not planning to write a sequel to "Your Best Life Now"? Ha-ha :) If Phil McGraw were to become a pastor, he'd have a huge following.

Got the following email from my mom today:

Your worries are OVER………Albertson’s on South 14th is closing………you won’t get “arrested” for shopping there……….:)

Deanna and I were talking about that old memory of you and Matt….Matt told it in church the other day how he was “arrested” for stealing baseball cards.

Which sermon was that? I'd like to download the podcast.

Matt Adair

Casey - wait, you mean Dr. Phil isn't a pastor?

And I honestly can't remember which sermon I talked about my criminal past - I'll look around and let you know if/when I find it...I'm pretty sure I eternally owe you for that one.


Nice post Matt. I can't agree with you more. However I do need you to teach me how to hit a slider. - could you put up a podcast about that ?

Matt Adair

Vestal - we'll do you one better and do a vodcast on that. I'll throw the sliders and let Aaron take a hack at 'em.

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