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June 25, 2007



Matt, I've heard about John Piper many times, but never read any of his books. What would you consider the top 2-3?

By the way, I heard that our moms had a blast this weekend in Abilene. I got a few pics I can send your way.

Matt Adair

Casey - hopefully Abilene will still be in one piece by the time my Mom leaves...

Others who have read Piper are more than free to jump in and give their opinions, but for me the best place(s) to start are:

Desiring God - What it looks like to live a life in which the pursuit of God's glory and our joy is the same pursuit
God is the Gospel - The greatest news in the universe is that Jesus' death and resurrection have reunited and reconciled us to God, not just His gifts.
God's Passion for His Glory - God's purpose in all he does is to make much of himself
When I Don't Desire God - Perhaps John's most practical book on how to reconnect with God

Casey that you mentioned Desiring God, that rings a bell. I listen to a lot of Matt Chandler's sermons, and he's always singing the praises of Piper. I've been wanting to read a few of his books.

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