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February 13, 2007


Jason G.

I think that the author of the article minimizes the threats that America faces from terrorists. The images of 9/11 just stick with me a little longer I guess...

I'm not sure you could make an iron clad biblical argument one way or the other on the torture issue. I think that it is most often a decision that has to be made in the moment with all of the facts available to you at the time. I don't think you can/should categorically prohibit the use of torture.

That said, the following quote made me want to work for this man:

"Surnow, a cigar enthusiast, has converted a room down the hall from his office into a salon with burled-wood humidors and a full bar."

Matt Adair

Gammons - I think I just found the inspiration for my office when we build us a building someday...

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