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January 27, 2007



I posted on this a few months back after a story NPR did on Second Life. What is amazing is that this is replacing people's first life.

Do you ever think that there is a way (in this life) to break down the barriers of anonymity (which is the appeal in second life) and switch the focus to being vulnerable in 'church' life?

And how would I make money in you 'church' life? Is there gambling?

Matt Adair

Churnock - the only way that biblical community is possible - and yes, I do think it's possible - is for the gospel to do business on our functional gods that keep us from God and each other. It'll never be perfect but I know it's real.

Not sure about the gambling, but my 'church' life is biblical so we'll always need a good brewery.

Frank McKinley

Matt, I had not heard of this second life. I sort of had one as a kid when I played "pretend".

I'm wondering at what point do you find emptiness in an unreal life? And what support can it provide when your first life becomes unbearably painful?

I think it's great what we're seeing happen in our community group. People, even first-timers, are sharing their lives without fear of having flaws exposed. It's this kind of interaction that creates the Biblical community we crave. If this is the second life you are proposing, it's got more liberty than any fantasy life I know of.

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