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January 15, 2007



Meyers just wrote a book on ecclisiastes. I haven't read it or heard any buzz yet, but I thought I'd pass that along.


that garth knight guy is pretty studly i must say


matt, just wanted to let you know that acts 29 has changed their web address from (which is what you have) to

Matt Adair

Martin - I love the mustache/soul patch combo. The question is can you rock the dress shirt unbuttoned to your sternum?

And thanks for the heads-up on the Acts 29 page. I've meant to change that for awhile. I actually need to go through and clean up a few of those links.

George - thanks for the heads-up. I'll add Jeff's book to my list...

Anna Prusa

I'm sure you are way ahead of me on this one, but Matt Chandler in TX just did an AWESOME series about Ecclesiastes, it would be a great resource! I'm a big fan. Also a good resource--the Bible:)

Matt Adair

Anna - Thanks. I love Chandler and have listened to alot of his stuff. I have refused to listen to his Hebrews series until after I preach the text and have only listened to one of his sermons on Ecclesiastes because I'd probably just rip it off.

Anna Prusa

Just to clarify, I don't know if you will even see this comment, but in no way (by mentioning the Bible as a resource) was I taking a hit at you, I was really talking to myself after writing to you about Matt Chandler. I'm sure you weren't offended, but if you were don't be. Clearly, you know know you use the Bible, and at this point this comment is ridiculous!!

Matt Adair

Anna - if you hadn't added the smiley-face on your first post, I never would have talked to you again. No worries - I don't offend very easily...

Adam Tisdale

Just finished a sermon series on Ecclesiastes with the Sr. Pastor. I highly recommend Charles Bridges (Geneva Commentary Series) if you have not come across it yet. His commentary is one of those Puritan expositions that just drips with the Gospel. I'll take that every time.

Matt Adair

Adam - I never said hello and welcome, so 'hello and welcome.' Hope all is well in Virginia. Thanks for the reminder on Bridges - I've benefited greatly from his stuff before.

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