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December 06, 2006


Jason G.

5:00 worship service would freaking rock.

Matt Adair

Yeah, we're pretty interested in the idea on several levels. A few scheduling hurdles are the main setback in our mind...

mark mc

no, a 5pm service would actually be perfection - that would be awesome

Matt Adair

Mark - what's up, man? Hey, talk with me a bit more about why you like the idea of a 5:00 gathering?

brian t. murphy

red mountain meets at 5pm. (well now actually 4 and 6pm) if we ever changed to a morning service I'd stop going to church.


Before I pass judgement, and then get raked over the coal for my anachronistic mindset, what is your reason to move back the service to 5pm?

Matt Adair

Churnock - I wouldn't rake you over the coals, you old man. I wouldn't want to mess with your bow tie.

First of all, we have yet to find a biblical-theological mandate for meeting at a particular time during the Lord's Day. So we feel that we are free to do so from that perspective.

Second, because our philosophy has been to remove as many unnecessary barriers to keep people from Christ, we've asked ourselves which time best leverages us to connect with the most people - Christian and non-Christian - that we can connect with.

We have two primary factors for thinking seriously about 5pm: first, because we have a large number of college students in our congregation, most of whom are out pretty late on Saturdays. Would we be serving them well by moving the gathering from 10am to 5pm or are we pandering to our culture? Second, we have a number of people who travel on the weekends and aren't here on Sunday mornings, but could be back in time for a 5pm worship gathering.

We also feel like this would provide natural bridges to eating dinner together, etc. The two main drawbacks are children's ministry and our community groups, which all meet on Sunday nights currently...


Thanks for the insight, I felt that is where you were going.

Here is my 3 cents worth:

Yes, you are pandering to the college student, but is that bad? I don't know.

I see example throughout the Bible of individuals who make sacrifices in order to become closer to God. Are you meeting at 5 because it is a whole lot easier than 9?

Bottom line, the answer to this issue is not what time does church meet, but rather why does it meet at that time. Just like what we 'should' wear to church doesn't matter compared to why we wear what we wear to church.

To me, 5pm sounds more like a way to make church more culturally convenient than to make it more Biblical.

Matt Adair

Are cultural convenience and biblical faithfulness mutually exclusive?

In addition to students (and honestly more pressing on our leadership) is the issue of non-Christians and what time provides the lowest hurdle to their willingness to come.

d hunt

Whether a church meets at 5pm or 10am or 945am or 3 times a sunday or twice a sunday is all mitigated by culture. I don't see any Biblical instruction for a time (except Paul & Silas at midnight - try scheduling THAT service).

mark mcandrew

the reason i like 5:00 is not theological, it's just because that way i could actually come to Christ church more than twice a year . . . plus, Sunday mornings are almost always horrible for me (which is my own sin) but i get up too late, spend too little time in the Word, etc. so i end up getting to church half asleep and hardly seem to care most of the time, which again is my own fault, but an evening service would help out some i think

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