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October 26, 2006



I've thought a lot about this too. Unfortunately I haven't come up with much. One thing that I have thought of is going into the workplace with individuals and walking through how to truly love those around them (something like applying the principles of Barrs' Heart of Evangelism). Men spend so much time and energy at work but it seems that they mostly assume a role once they get there to carry them through the day. Relationships with those around them are predictable and superficial. We don't know how to relate to people in any meaningful ways. Walking through it with them, in their environment, setting an example, challenging them to risk the baby steps toward maturity, could go a lot further than trying to get Sunday principles to penetrate Monday practice through the pulpit alone.

Another area where kingdom living is subverted is the capitalist mindset. We need to be challenged about how we view exchange and why we do it. The model we assume as "good" business may not be enough.

One other area that just popped in my head would be to somehow encourage extra-job acts of world redemption. Push them in their gifts to run for local office, join clubs, societies, committees. We don't do that enough. Christian men have pulled out of the "public" sphere.

Jason G.

Your last comment was great. "Encouraging extra-job acts of world redemption" - awesome.

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