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September 18, 2006


Brian T. Murphy

football is so nice.

Matt Adair

BTM - I actually hate football. I just watch it so people will like me.

Brian T. Murphy

you are a liar.

d hunt

UGA probably will lose 2 games this year with (or without) Matthew Stafford. No big news flash there. They will lose more if Joe T3 comes back though.

doug mann

Signed a new kicker yet in Tuscaloosa? Football may be king in Alabama but someone needs to learn them boys how to kick a ball through two skinny, yellow poles.

d hunt

easy, doug! matt's emotionally fragile right now.
give him some time.

Matt Adair

Brian - I like to call it exaggerated reality

David - I almost began to think you were prophetic watching the Colorado game Saturday.

Doug - We'll see how things go in a few weeks up in Knoxville...

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