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September 29, 2006



Glad you guys are having fun in Chicago. BTW, Edwardo's is much better pizza. When Susi and I moved to Chicago we ordered Pizza one night when the in laws were visiting. Not realizing how big nor how expensive the pizzas were (we just called a local pizza place, Edwardo's in this case), we ordered 3 large. My father-in-law went down to the front door to pay for the pizza and when he returned he looked a bit awestruck. He had paid over $75 for three pizza's (pepperoni and sausage). He had never paid $75 for pizza and vowed he never would again. What made it even funnier was that he does not even like pizza. Needless to say the pizza's were awesome but we only managed to eat one of them. Chicago-style is the best.

Go Bama! Leave the kicker at home this weekend.


Northerners rule! Generally speaking they are blunter and less socially conscious, but they are more honest, forgiving, and kind. Generaly speaking.


doug- thanks caring about us enough to tell us about Edwardo's. We relied on a local to tell us a good place and now you drop the "i know the best place to eat pizza in Chicago" thanks.


Thanks for the props in the opening paragraph Matt. we all know I need all the help I can get.
I like the write up, I might just site yours rather than write my own.

Matt Adair

Note to everyone - my computer has died, hence the limited posting. Here's hoping my hard drive didn't crash. Mac is starting to look very attractive...

Doug - I echo Aaron's comments...thanks for helping the brothers out. Yeesh. I wish you had been in the Great White North with us.

George - yep

Matthew - I'm doing my best to hook you up. My guess is that our worldwide readership will flock to your door now. You're welcome in advance.


What a fun and fantastic post! I hope your hard drive does turn out OK... I had to replace one earlier this year--it can be pretty devastating. And, yeah, I've decided my next laptop will be a Mac. Apple's got it going on.


I'd like to add:
Matthew is total Christian man-candy. (see, I used "Christian" as a modifier, so it's legit and not at all inappropriate)

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