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May 31, 2006


Robert Prusa

I think that our culture is so full of this sort of thinking. I feel like it is so normal that we do not recognize it anymore. Reading the article I could not escape how full of missing the gospel it was. I am not a expert on anything really, but these quotes are, it seems to me, extremely unbiblical. "Open to other religious beliefs" what do they mean open, I feel like they mean also correct. "Conduct they believe will bring them focus and success" YOU CAN'T EARN ANYTHING, is that not clear in the Bible, cause if you could earn something I would be in trouble. "Approach the Rockies are proud of" Lewis calls this the greatest sin, so I guess their conduct is not so good after all. "Wary about publicizing" I am guilty of this too but I am pretty sure Paul's while life was publicizing it. "Last thing we want to do is offend anyone because of our beliefs" my favorite part of this one is the because statement. I feel like it should be the opposite, we don't want to offend anybody because we are hateful, or unloving, or mean, or rude, or unkind, or harmful, or because of any other sin in our lives. But our beliefs are offensive to those uncovered by the grace of God and whose sin is even more offensive to God when not erased by the sacrifice of Jesus. "They do preach character and good living" we do need to pursue Godly character and walk in good deeds prepared before us but preach the gospel, that we are unable to do this but that God loves us anyway because his son did it for us. "We do believe that if you do things right and live your life right, good things are going to happen" Jesus lived perfectly and was beating, chastised, and hung on a cross to died so if that is what you mean by good things, great. "We had to go to hell and back to know where the Holy Grail is" actually that was Jesus. The sad thing is that this sort of thinking confuses people, they have Mark Sweeney completely confused as to what the truth is. "Look, I pray every day," Sweeney says. "I have faith. It's always been part of my life. But I don't want something forced on me. Do they really have to check to see whether I have a Playboy in my locker?" I really hope that God is moving in the lives of these people but God does not care about Rockies baseball but only his glory.


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