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May 29, 2006


Audrey Hope

Wow ... I started reading this very skeptically, but I was quickly captured by his encouragements to understand grace in our lives (something that's not easy, given all the confusing info. out there). This is transforming stuff - and I'm glad there are folks like Greg who can describe it a whole lot better than I can.

Matt Adair

Thanks for the comments. I do think this is a different take and one that I agree with - while at the same time acknowledging that living this way is a high wire act with a very thin line. As helpful as this is for destroying the roots of legalism, I can see how someone given to abuse the freedom and liberty of the gospel could misuse this article. Does anyone else see this as a potential problem?

Jesse Weber

It was very encouraging to me as I tend to beat myself up a great bit about not spending enough time in the Bible. Now I know I should be into the Word more than I am, but the legalistic claim the author makes seems legitimate to me. I don't believe God wants to feel like we are running errands or doing chores when we are studying His word or praying. I think He wants us to want to read about Him. I kind of equate this to working out. The hardest thing to do is to go to the gym regularly the first week. It's just not something that seems fun or even worth it. However, once you get through the first week and you realize how good it makes you feel to get the blood flowing you actually want to make time to get into the gym. I think that is how reading the Bible goes (at least for me). It is tough for me to start reading because there is so much to read about and I just don't see what will come of it. But once I am in the Book regularly I start to desire to read more about all the ways God has come through for man over time. The same goes for prayer in my case. The more I force myself to focus on Him the more I desire to get into conversation with Him.
You ask if we see this as a problem. I don't think just anyone can read the article and take from it what you have. Some will use it as an excuse to not read the Bible. I am sure you know too many people that are just looking for that right article they can point to that gives them the ability to rationalize why they do not spend enough time in prayer. There are a lot of people looking for excuses. These people need more than a good quiet time. They need to be in God's presence first before they desire that personal time with God.
I am not sure I still understand grace. This article gives me a better understanding as to why He covers us with it and to whom grace is for.

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