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May 16, 2006


Jesse Weber

Hey Matt we have met a couple of times. I am a friend of Aaron Slaten's from Marietta. I helped out with the Senior High youth group. Anyways, I got to your site from his blog and enjoy your blogs. This one about Grey's Anatomy really struck a chord with me. In the middle of watching that season finale I started get a feeling in my stomach that all that was happening was way too familiar. I have tried to explain this to others but of course their response is "It's only a TV show." Which it is and I understand that. But this particular episode that brought the whole season together really started to burn me. It is very sad but it reminded me a lot of the attitudes of our society these days. Even worse I thought about the youth at FPC specifically. For a couple months now I have felt like the youth have no boundaries. Their parents never tell them no and they really feel like my decisions need to revolve around their desires. The Grey's Anatomy finale could have taken the whole season of heartbreaks and turned it into something good. Instead they went the other way and every character basically said "Screw it, I am going to do what makes me feel best." I think that is the attitude of the youth I deal with and quite frankly I am sick of it. I am not really in the position to really be able to change these kids attitudes nor would I know what to do if I was in position. I think society is in a world of hurt if this is the way these kids are growing up. I am glad to see someone else saw what I did Monday night.

Matt Adair

What's up and welcome to the blog. One of the challenges we face in personal ministry (like what you're doing at FPC) is figuring out how to live out and communicate the gospel to people living in a world marked by the self. One helpful description of our culture is that it is consumed with self-fulfillment ('life is all about me'), self-sufficiency ('I am my own authority'), self-definition ('I define who I am and what I believe'), self-absorbption ('Something is good or bad depending on how it affects me'), self-transcendence (expressed by a cultural obsession with spirituality), self-enhancement (boob jobs for 18 year olds), and self-security (which is one of the marks of suburbia). It is this reality that gives us our marching papers in loving people and pointing them to Jesus.

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